Northlands Wood Primary Academy

Northlands Wood
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100 Books Project

We have compiled a list of 100 books that we think children at our school would enjoy reading before they leave us in Year 6 to move on to secondary school.

Our collection is full of great texts: classic novels, some debuts by new and upcoming authors and books that are the first in their series to help hook children into reading sequel after sequel.

The first two pages of books are aimed at Key Stage 1, the next two pages are aimed at Lower Key Stage 2 and the last pages are aimed at Upper Key Stage 2; children can read these books at any time during their primary school years however, please be aware that some of the texts aimed at Upper Key Stage 2 might have content that is sensitive for younger children.

As we want to help encourage children to read as much as possible, we have created some targets that your child can aim for. Each time they reach a target they will receive a certificate to celebrate their achievements. This booklet will help your child to keep a record of which books on the list they have read. When they have reached a target, they need to show their booklet to their class teacher.

We will have at least one copy of every book on this list at school for your child to borrow. If we don’t have the book they want on our shelves, you could try the library.