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Remote learning expectations

While this period of uncertainty is continuing, we would like to remind you all of our plan for any remote learning - should it be required. We fully expect schools to remain open during this period, however, there may be instances where classes or individual children may need to isolate.
In the event of:
Entire bubble/ class isolating
  • For YR - Y5, work will be shared and feedback provided via Seesaw - as we did during the lockdown.
  • For Y6, work will be shared and feedback provided via Google Classroom.
1 or more children isolating within the bubble
  • For the first 3 or 4 days (while any test result may be pending) parents are asked to refer to the learning letter for any activities they can do with their child - including reading, spellings, TTrockstars and any other home learning tasks set.
  • After 3 or 4 days (and self-isolation still being required) - classes have a topic grid (similar to the old homework grids) that contain a few activities for subjects that the child can do at home. This will be emailed to parents by the School Office.
  • Regarding Maths, after 3 or 4 days, a lesson video link and the worksheet will be posted onto Seesaw for children and parents to access. It may be that a week's worth of lessons are set in one go clearly identifying which days are which, similar to when we were in the previous lockdown.
  • Where siblings from different bubbles are isolating, they can work together on activities from a different topic albeit that the expectation is that anything they complete is at their own standard (e.g. a Year 6 can work from a Year 3 grid but should produce work to the standard expected for their year group). This is intended to help parents manage time and resources.
It is important to state that our intention is for this approach to be used in a situation where people are well but are required to isolate. Should any children or parents be ill, it goes without saying that, there is no expectation for any school work to be completed.
Obviously, this is a slightly different approach to when we were last in lockdown and we hope that you can bear with us in the event of any initial difficulties.