Northlands Wood Primary Academy

Northlands Wood
Primary Academy

Letter from our CEO - 18th March 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Friends of Sussex Learning Trust

Re: COVID-19 management across Sussex Learning Trust

I thought I would share a few words regarding our Trust approaches to the times we are facing.

May I please take this opportunity to publicly thank our wonderful Headteachers and their staff who are so professionally working under significant strain at present to maintain safe and purposeful academies. The times are very challenging for everyone at present and it is impressive how our communities have pulled together to support each other accordingly. Please continue to read carefully the regular advice our Headteachers are sending out to you.

It’s at times like this when to be in a Trust family adds so much to avoid any sense of isolation. Heads know they can pick up the phone at any time and get support, advice and opinion from like-minded professionals who fully understand the setting of each of their colleagues. We are all continually learning from each other, sharing great ideas on how to overcome barriers and helping each other maintain an inexhaustible positive mindset!

Each of our academies has an excellent Business Continuity Plan which has been very recently reviewed and is completely relevant to address the challenges we do. In addition, each of our exceptional Headteachers has written a COVID-19 plan. These two plans have been constructed with Leadership Teams and Governors to address the issue of maintaining safe environments, looking after each other and ensuring learning will continue whatever location our children are in. The plans are sophisticated as they address the unique situation of each of our academies.

At the moment, the Government is instructing, where possible, schools and academies to remain open. Your Headteacher will be communicating any changes to this or the school’s capacity in light of staffing levels.

IF, and at present it is a small number, your child has to stay at home, it is critical that families ensure their children engage with the resources and instruction they will be given. Part of our national effort to defeat this virus should be that our children continue to learn.

Thank you for your support and every best wish for your family and loved-ones.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Morris
CEO Sussex Learning Trust